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About Qconferencing

Qconferencing specializes in supplying, installing and maintaining video communication solutions. We are serving you worldwide with local installation and support.

Certified video communication specialists guide you through the use of the equipment and ensure that your organization optimally utilizes the benefits. We believe in the added value of video communication for your organization. We are an ambitious team and we are happy to help you achieve your goals!

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The Team

Qconferencing consists of a group enthusiastic and committed professionals. The diversity of the team and our drive ensure that the most complex assignments become a success. Q is a social organization. We have lunch together and regularly organize fun activities.


We are proud of the beautiful projects we have been able to complete for our clients. In addition to the delivery and installation of videoconferencing systems and other AV applications, Q has also fulfilled an advisory role with customers, whereby the best solution was determined together with the customer.

Visual Communication Solutions

Qconferencing supplies the total package of video communication solutions and is a supplier of reliable brands. All video services are simple, secure and often compatible with Skype for Business. Depending on your needs and existing IT environment, Q can also take care of the equipment of your meeting rooms. During and after installation we offer training and support and make sure that video communication is optimally used within the organization.

Sustainable business

Video communication contributes to a more sustainable environment and avoids an unnecessary flight and/or car trip. Our business processes are also designed to be environmentally friendly, such as recycling batteries, electronic equipment and ink cartridges. Qconferencing also considers it important to be socially involved and our employees take part in volunteer projects every year.

ISO certification en AVG/GDPR regulations

Services and hardware are often provided with security software, but if an employee is unwittingly dealing with privacy-sensitive customer data (for example by placing data on a USB stick), this is no guarantee that data will remain protected. We are aware of this within our organization. Every month meeting we pay attention to ensuring the privacy of our customers. Our services are ISO certified and comply with the GDPR regulations.

Qconferencing Management Team

Jesse van Straaten

Managing Director

Mans Lejeune

Commercial Director commercial sector

Pieter Peletier

Commercial Director healthcare sector