Wireless presenting with Airtame 2

No cables on the table and no dongles required. Easily monitor your screens from the cloud, without extra costs.

Airtame 2 is the only wireless solution you need! Simply connect the Airtame to the screen via the HDMI port and start your presentation in a click with full motion video and audio!

NIEUW | Airtame 2 | Unboxing & Setup

Airtame 2 is faster, stronger, dubbled his range and is more reliable than the first generation. After your brand new Airtame has been delivered, you probably want to start presenting as soon as possible! View the Unboxing and Setup video to see how fast you can do this yourself.

Mirror your screen from any device

No problem of tangled cables but fast and wireless connection. You can even connect via AirPlay to your iPhone and iPad and with the Airtame app you can also display images and slides from any Android device.

Personalize welcome screen

Besides wireless presentation you can also manage all your devices, users and welcome screens in the free Airtame Cloud. The set-up of this affordable digital solution takes less than 5 minutes after which this small device is ready for use.

Watch this tutorial to see how easy it is!

Airtame 2 versus Airtame 1

New physical setup, including a new mount solution for better network integration and aesthetic value

4 x 512Mb (64 bit Data Bus) as compared to Airtame 1’s 2 x 256Mb (32 bit Data Bus)

eMMC (embedded multimedia card) replacing the original SD card – ensuring faster firmware updates and longer lifetime

New processor and SoC (system on a chip) which is the brain of Airtame

State of the art WiFi processing chip

Better wireless range, now doubled from 10 to 20 meters (60ft)

Kensington Lock Slot to protect Airtame 2 even better

MAC address printed on the device to simplify installation and maintenance

Order Airtame 2 now!

Convinced and would you like to purchase a unit immediately? Call our office directly at 020-6080000. We take care of your order to ensure you that you have the Airtame within a day.*

*If in stock and ordered before 15.00. Delivering on Monday when ordered on Friday,

Read more about Airtame 2 in this one pager!

Airtame 2 versus Google Chromecast

With Airtame 2 you can mirror the screen with 2 clicks and that is a lot faster than the 6 steps of Chromecast. The platform of the Chromecast does not offer a managing platform, unlike Airtame, which offers this for free. Furthermore, the Chromecast is made for entertainment purposes and Airtame has been developed for companies and education.

Airtame 2 versus Apple TV

The limitation of Apple TV is that you can only connect it to Apple devices. This can be a limitation for instance if a colleague or customer would like to share their presentation from an Android device or when he or she would like to use a computer with Windows.

Airtame 2 versus Barco Clickshare

Barco Clickshare is a very popular and powerfull product. The dongle has pros and cons. It must be plugged into every laptop you want to cast from. Airtame 2 only needs to be connected once to a screen so anyone can cast, without the need for a dongle or other hardware. Furthermore, the Barco Clickshare is a costly purchase and the Airtame 2 is very affordable. With the Airtame you can stream to multiple screens, and is a good tool for narrowcasting (digital signage) and with the Clickshare this is one screen and therefore not suitable for narrowcasting.

Airtame 2 versus Crestron Airmedia

Connect to the Airtame via WiFi or Ethernet, the Airmedia works with one own wireless connection. Screen monitoring is free of charge while using Airtame, but AirMedia charges costs for this.

Airtame 2 versus wePresent

wePresent is a large device and more difficult to work with compared to the Airtame 2. Moreover, it’s not suitable for narrowcasting in contrast to Airtame 2.