Airtame is a small wireless device that is simply inserted in the HDMI port of a monitor. Unlike other wireless HDMI solutions, you do not need to insert anything in your computer or smartphone to connect your device.

Beautiful practical displays

Airtame shows the selected application, not the entire screen of your device. When streaming, your audience sees the presentation display while you see an overview of the following slides or pages. When no content is being streamed to the monitor, you can show an alternative display such as a website or sales figures, or something attractive likes your company logo.

After downloading and installing a small application on your device, you can share content on the monitor where the Airtame is plugged in with a single click. Then the meeting can begin!

Wireless connection with any screen

Everyone can easily connect wirelessly to your device in seconds. Sharing a presentation is simple, with no cables or adapters in your meeting room. If Airtame is also linked to the wireless network, everyone can access it, so it is all really convenient!

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Suitable for Android and iOS devices

Access to files in the cloud in Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and Box

Download files from your own device

WPA2 Enterprise secure connection

Connect via IP address or Ethernet connection

Automatic Airtame updates available

Airtame Graduateland Case