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Video communication per industry

Video communication is essential in every sector to allow teams to work together efficiently and bridge the distance. Qconferencing has years of experience within different branches and our account managers are happy to discuss with you which solutions are most suitable for your organization.

Medical | Team meeting per video

More than 65 hospitals in the Netherlands use the secure and reliable Qconferencing network. Our video services feature PIP (picture-in-picture) and display your video conferencing participants and presentation content at the same time. Join the meeting from your laptop, smartphone or a video conferencing system in the meeting room. Send guests a unique link to access the online meeting room by mail of with a calendar request and grant access without installation of any software.

Medical | Secured video connection on premise or cloud

Host your video services on premise or from a shared or dedicated server, hosted bij Qconferencing in the Netherlands. The video service of Qconferencing is ISO certified and we meet the current AVG regulations.

A big advantage of our Q-rooms is the interoperability with other platforms, browsers and operating systemns (both Apple and Windows devices). You can reuse your existing systems  and you can invite guests and let them join using their own platforms and devices.

References e.g.: Elisabeth ziekenhuis / MC Alkmaar / NKI Antonie van Leeuwenhoek / Tergooiziekenhuizen / more than 60 other hospitals

Medical | Video consult with doctor, patient and others

Primary care and secondary care (e.g. GP’s, hospitals, specialists, mental heathcare) can directly start a secure video connection with FaceTalk using a unique code. You can also schedule an appointment in the calendar (by the doctor or assistent) and the patient / client will then receive an email with a unique link to access the online waiting room. The video call starts when the doctor / health care provider activates the call. There is a clock in the online meeting room and notifications are displayed for example when the video call is delayed. FaceTalk is an all-in-one-solution but it is also possible to make video available in the EPD. Do you have questions about video communication for the medical industry? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!


Enterprise/Corporate | Meetings from conference rooms and outside the office

Video conferencing is becoming more common for enterprise and corporate companies. New ways of working requires a different way of collaboration and another approach to your internal communication. Employees exchange their individual desk for shared workplaces or they work from home or any other desired work location. Today’s meeting take place in meeting areas at the office and from their own laptop or smartphone outside the office.

New generation video conferencing systems better obtainable then ever

Qconferencing advise organisations on selecting the best solution in terms of facilities and equipment, as well as the right platform to use on any device (Android, iOs, Windows and macOS devices). With the new generation of video conferencing systems from Polycom, Lifesize and Cisco, which are now more affordable than ever and can be used together with video cloud services like BlueJeans, Lifesize Cloud, Zoom or Skype for Business. These platforms offer a lot of features and are easy to use. When determining the facilities for meeting rooms we also think in solutions such as wireless presentations.

References: Imtech / Asics / Airbus / / Omron / Tamoil / Flora Holland

Maritime | Video from the ships and between offices

Many companies in the maritime sector have been using video conferencing for communication between offices for some time. Thanks to satellite communications with higher bandwidths at lower costs, video conferencing is now technically and financially feasible for communication between ship and shore.

Reliable collaboration platforms and VOIP services

Video conferencing is not only an option for those ships which have already invested in VSAT, but also for ships using Inmarsat’s FleetBroadband service. Qconferencing also provides complete VOIP services with great reliability in every circumstance. Curious about all options? Contact us for more information!

References: Greenpeace / Imtech Marine / Marlink / Seatrucks / Huisman

Education | Webinars, e-learning, live streaming, blended learning

Video communication has already been widely used in education to support the primary education process for many years. E-lectures, flipping the classroom, blended learning, calls with remote expert, webcasting, video content management, etc.; we have been helping educational institutions incorporate the use of video in the classroom and learning processes since 2001, and not just in higher education but in primary and secondary schools too. It is used for didactic purposes such as virtual museum visits, lectures, on-line working groups and virtual debates.

Present wirelessly, digital school boards en interactive collaboration

Qconferencing offers also other solutions such as digital white boards for the class room or for project groups. Pupils and students can work interactively together and directly share notes  with each other.

References: Hogeschool Arnhem-Nijmegen / TU Eindhoven / Universiteit van Amsterdam / Noorderpoort college / Hogeschool Zuyd / Open Universiteit

Government | Cost reduction due to video

We have seen explosive growth in the use of video communication by the government. Key drivers behind this are cost savings, the introduction of the ‘The New World of Work’, and a focus on improving internal communication (including in emergencies and crisis management).

Secured video connection for guest accounts

Qconferencing delivers equipment en services from large auditoriums to small huddle rooms. Employees and externals can join anytime, anywhere, whether this is from home or from another workplace. Our own cloud video services are ISO certified and can be hosted on premise or in the Cloud.

Referenties: Inspectie Gezondheidszorg / Defensie / Luchtverkeersleiding NL / Kennisnet

Construction | Chain cooperation via video

Chain cooperation in the building sector is focussed on technology-intensive projects which are highly dependent on good communication between those involved. Video communication can increase the speed and ease of decision-making in the multidisciplinary building processes. Real-time meetings with all involved: client, architect and engineer, via a video conferencing system, on PC or tablet.

Online meeting rooms accessible to many platforms

Qconferencing host online meeting rooms that are accessible to everyone regardless the device you bring. Easily call fixed dialing numbers from your conferencing room during your team meeting using your video conferencing system. And invite externals and let them participate with a Skype for Business account or any other familiar platform.

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