Colleagues easily join meetings without having to travel unnecessarily

Leeuwendaal is an HR consultancy in the field of developing, organizing and strengthening performance in public organizations. The core of the service is to improve the performance of public organizations. Approximately 160 employees of Leeuwendaal work intensively together from the locations in Utrecht and The Hague. To save travel time and work more efficiently, Leeuwendaal has sought advice from Qconferencing to implement a suitable video conferencing solution.

Joining video conferences from the meeting room or from your own laptop

Leeuwendaal has opted for the collaboration platform Zoom, because of its ease of use and good audio and video quality. Employees can make video calls from 3 meeting rooms on Zoom Room Kits (Poly Trio8800) and the Zoom application is installed on the laptops of most employees. Eva Nowee, executive secretary at Leeuwendaal, was involved in the implementation of Zoom and she experiences Zoom as an added value. ‘With video conferencing our advisors save a lot of travel time. We have 2 offices in Utrecht and The Hague, so colleagues can very easily “join” a meeting without having to travel to the other office. It also works very well for home workers among us.”

The use of Zoom is growing throughout the organization

The video conferencing solution is used for meetings between the two locations, but also increasingly by employees to participate in meetings from home. Nowadays, the 2 directors also use Zoom on a weekly, often even daily basis. This ensures a lot of flexibility in their planning and travel schedules and less travel and traffic jams. Eva Nowee agrees: ‘Zoom is also used for our international calls with our partners in the United States. The technology works well and what I hear back is that it is easy to use and the quality of video image and sound is good.’

Smooth adoption of Zoom, without support from the IT department

The users are very satisfied with the use of Zoom and can easily use it without the need for IT support. Leeuwendaal is a really good example of an organization that despite having no experience with the use of video conferencing, the adoption of Zoom went very smoothly and successfully. A potential next step for Leeuwendaal is to use Zoom for communication with customers.