Crestron Airmedia

These days, we want to take our own devices to meetings to give presentations, work together and share content. This is all made easy with the Crestron AirMedia!

Start presenting in 3 steps:

First connect the monitor to the AirMedia HDMI output.

Then connect AirMedia to your LAN connection.

Connect your device to AirMedia, and the presentation can begin!


Quad View Collaboration connects more than 32 people

By pressing the 'Show me' button, four people can give presentations simultaneously

The Moderate Mode permits overview and control of presentations, ensuring orderly meetings

Remote View allows up to 40 participants to playback content in their own devices (login via browser)

Fast reproduction of your presentation material

AirMedia allows you to walk into any meeting room and present PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents, or share PDFs, images and screenshots from your personal iOS or Android device, all wirelessly. It is simple to link Mac and Windows laptops to AirMedia, and it all makes working together and giving presentations really fast and effortless.

The presentation can begin in just three simple steps.

Wireless connection with any screen

Everyone can easily connect wirelessly to your device in seconds. Sharing a presentation is simple, with no cables or adapters in your meeting room. If Airtame is also linked to the wireless network, everyone has access to Airtame. Really convenient!

Would you like to find out more about wireless presentations?

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