Create the most impressive content with the user friendly CMS system
from Easyscreen

Easily post your content with the simple widgets en templates of Easyscreen. Display the news, OV-departure times, video content, photo collages or othet live-widgets. And all this with an incredibly user friendly CMS system, so that any colleague can update the content if desired.

Smart, quick, versatile

Easily and quickly gather impressive content for your playlists. This takes no effort thanks to the cut-and-dried content that you can find in the software such as video content, news or live-widgets. Users can choose from hundreds of templates. These templates can easily be adapted to your own style guide. You can turn any screen, regardless of supplier, into a smart screen using the Easyscreen player.

Central and
decentralized management, rights structure

You can easily place content centrally and decentrally from the Easyscreen management. It is also possible to give users different rights in the system. And you can choose to work with an approval tool. Anyone who is allowed to create content, but is not allowed to publish, first asks permission before the content is posted.

Narrowcasting in Healthcare

Sometimes patients have to wait for a moment and wouldn’t it be nice if you make that waiting time as pleasant as possible? Inform all your patients¬†and inform all your patients on important topics and answer the most frequently asked questions. Easyscreen has various links for healthcare such as a waiting time detector or sequence number system that the assistants can easily manage.

Meaningfull fuctionalities:

Intuitive management system

Central en decentral management

Rights structure and approval tool

More than 700 templates

International and national news widgets

Integration with Youtueb (since this year) and other social media

Link with own database

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