No annoyance and hassle of planning and booking meeting rooms! That’s all over with Room Manager Liso Evoko. Quickly and easily boom a room from your own online calendar such as the Outlook (also Exchange) and Google Calendar. Accessible from your laptop, tablet or smartphone and ideal for spontaneous meetings as participants can move, extend or cancel meetings themselves.

Full insight into meeting patterns

The Room Manager gives you all the information you need. You can view these static data with Evoko Home, equipped with management options like permission control and real-time monitoring. Ensure the appropriate meeting room for each individual meeting and create a more efficient meeting culture by knowledge of meeting patterns.

Easy installation and integration with systems

Evoko works with other 3rd party systems due to an open API. Installation is complete in ten minutes. No additional plug-in or software is required. It’s simple and self-evident, allowing you to install it without any training. The next meeting is scheduled within a click!

Interactive display with relevant info

The Liso shows information nicely on the display and the most relevant information appears when someone walks along. This new generation of Room Managers is even more beautiful and smarter than the previous generation of Evoko. Book, end or extend a meeting directly from the Room Manager using the digital clock or use the calendar to find other meeting rooms, based on availability, size and facilities. From a distance you can quickly see if a Meeting Room is occupied or available, because the Evoko shows a green or red light. No confusion anymore or double bookings!

Want to see how easy Evoko works?