Gauddi offers the world’s best and most user-friendly software for digital signage.
This software makes you the director of your own business broadcast.
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Persuasive narrowcasting technology

Gauddi committed to provide access to digital signage for each company and to make it fun for every viewer and reader. Technology, communication and ease come together with Gauddi technology. You don’t have to buy any software yourself and you will receive a license (SaaS).

Your screen anywhere

You can also easily work with multiple people on a broadcast. Give each user his own rights in a separate work area. Keep everything simply under control, even in locations outside the office.

Look & feel

The software can be fully integrated into your corporate identity. Using intuitive tools and a wide selection of templates you create a program that fits your look and feel. You simply place anything you want to broadcast in the system by dragging and dropping into the media library. After that you create campaigns and broadcasts using the campaign wizard.

Implement narrowcasting

Envision your clients with the most current information, such as public transport timetables, welcome, news, schedule information, internal information, queue management etc.

Important functionality

Easy to use campaign wizard to send out a campaign

Clearly displayed shared workspaces with specific user rights

Quite simply define start and end times of campaigns so that the right message can be displayed to the right audience

Intuitive tools and extensive choice of templates

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