Show current information to visitors and employees with Gauddi narrowcasting

Gauddi offers the world’s best and most user-friendly software for digital signage. This software makes you the director of your own business broadcast. Read more about the usability of Gauddi!

Persuasive narrowcasting technology

Gauddi committed to provide access to digital signage for each company and to make it fun for every viewer and reader. Technology, communication and ease come together with Gauddi technology. You don’t have to buy any software yourself and you will receive a license (SaaS).

Your screen anywhere

From the Gauddi system you manage the different screens and ensure that a campaign is always planned. Each screen can basically broadcast the same content, but you can also supplement this per screen with other content that is relevant to the department where the screen is located. Several people can work on a broadcast and with the help of the rights structure you keep more control and it remains clear.

Usefulle for several branches

Narrowcasting can be used in various branches. Visitors can be informed in a business building, retail organizations can place screens in the office, but also in the store. Healthcare organizations benefit from waiting room screens, so that the waiting time of patients/clients is softened and they stay informed about the waiting time.

Look & feel

With the help of intuitive tools and an extensive choice of templates you create a broadcast that matches your look & feel. Everything you want to broadcast can easily be placed in a campaign by dragging the different media into the campaign. You then set a date and time for the campaign to be broadcast.

Implement narrowcasting

Serve your client with the most up-to-date information, such as the public transport timetable, waiting time detector, news and traffic jam information. You can also easily use Narrowcasting for your colleagues by placing for example a colleague’s jubilee, scheduling information, or displaying a short preview of messages on the intranet. Keep in mind that you place the screen then on a location the screen is placed where only colleagues can view this internal information

Important functionality

Easy to use campaign wizard to send out a campaign

Clearly displayed shared workspaces with specific user rights

Gauddi can make connections with existing systems, so that information is automatically retrieved and displayed on the screen.

Intuitive tools and extensive choice of templates

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