Make meetings interactive, fun and valuable

All essential functionalities in reach with the standalone Google Jamboard! With this stylish digital whiteboard you can easily transform any room in a meeting location. If you order now we offer you a free Kick-off training on location!

The 55-inch touch screen is fully integrated with the G Suite environment. This way you can easily share documents and collaborate in Google Doc, while you see each other via Hangouts. You can easily share notes on the whiteboard with colleagues. Working together has never been so fun and efficient!

55 inch 4K UHD display

Stream video and images with Google Cast (integrated)

Integrated webcam, speakers and microphones

16-point touch functionality

Standard delivery with wall mount, trolly can be reordered

2 pencils and 1 eraser supplied as standard

Available in red, blue and grey

Edit documents by using Gsuite

Google Jamboard makes it easy to work together and develop new ideas! Qconferencing has half a year of experience with these Jamboards and you can test it yourself in our demo room.


Qconferencing currently offers a free Kick-off training so that all your colleagues can get started right away!

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