Google announces access to real-time hardware performance data on ‘Meet’ platform

The Google Meeting Room Summit in Stockholm it is confirmed for us that the company is a serious player in the video conferencing market. Our colleague Kishwar was present and let himself be updated on the latest developments. A very useful meeting, where also the relationships with the known suppliers were cited.

Google is making great strides with the ‘Meet’ video conferencing platform. Where last year the focus was mainly on hardware development, this year much attention was paid to the analysis tools of Google Meet. Hardware data such as the performance of audio and video equipment and bandwidth are visible in real time and with this knowledge the video experience can be optimized. Auto-transcription will also be available so that no extra minutes have to be made and all the information discussed is available to the participants in a short time. With these management tools for the ‘Meet’ platform, Google will distinguish itself in the coming period.

Qconferencing is an official Google partner and supplies solutions with associated licenses for the meeting room, such as one of the Google Meet Hardware kits or Google Jamboard. Do you want to bring Google to the meeting room or would you like to receive more information? Contact one of our video specialists.

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