Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis (Hospital) – FaceTalk integration with HiX EPD

The Internal Medicine department of the Albert Schweitzer hospital will be the first to start using FaceTalk video consultations. Patients no longer have to travel to the hospital and are given the option to hold the follow-up consultation via video.

To make video consultations as easy as possible for doctors and assistants, a calendar link has been created with the HiX EPD (electronic patients file) of the Albert Schweitzer hospital. The assistant schedules a FaceTalk video consultation in the doctor’s HiX calendar and when the call begins the doctor only needs to start the video call in FaceTalk. Assistants and doctors do not have to keep separate calendars but from now on plan all appointments from the HiX EPD.

For the success of the video consultations it is important that the technology works and it is essential that the assistants and doctors are aware of the new process of FaceTalk. All involved employees are offered knowledge sessions and a short manual so that they are aware of how FaceTalk works. Patients can ask their assistants questions and receive instructions so that they can prepare for the video consultation and they can always rely on the FaceTalk help desk.