Reliable and affordable solutions for meeting rooms

Logitech is a famous brand on the market and expands its portfolio with complete video communication systems for the meeting room. Logitech products are solid, well priced and have great ease of use.

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Qconferencing have brought them in the office and tested these videoconference solutions in the showroom. We believe that these solutions are suitable and professional solutions for the meeting room. The cameras, speakerphones and displays are connected via USB and product independent. Our video specialist of Qconferencing would be pleased to share their experience with you and suggest solutions that are the perfect fit.

Logitech Smartdock

The Logitech Smartdock is an AV control console and allow you to start a Skype for Business meeting by one click on the button. The system adds any desired connectivity to your meetings because it has an HDMI port for sharing your laptop screen (FullHD), features 4 USB ports to connect any USB camera and speakerphone, has GigaBit Ethernet and has a connection for your headset. A participant is quickly familiar with the Smartdock thanks to the simplicity of the control screen corresponding to the Skype for Business interface.

SmartDock Flex Expansion Kit

With the SmartDock Flex Expansion Kit participants can also dial in from other platforms such as Bluejeans, Cisco WebEx and Lifesize Cloud using existing camera(s) and speakerphone(s). The kit includes HDMI, USB and power supply via a single CAT6 cable for a cable-free conference table

Logitech MeetUp

The Logitech MeetUp is a camera with excellent 4K image resolution and speakerphone in one, especially suitable for small and medium sized meeting rooms and huddle rooms. With the viewing angle of 120 degrees every room is good in the picture.

Does the room require a larger audio range? Then extend this set with the set Logitech Expansion Microphones and you can catch conversations of your participants within a range up to 4.2 meters. Panning, tilting and zooming is easy with the included remote control or use your smartphone or tablet to control the MeetUp after installing the free app (available in Google Playstore as iTunes)!

Logitech Rally

Logitech Rally is the absolute solution for a quality PTZ USB camera and ultra HD image quality. With a viewing angle of 90 degrees and 15x optimal zoom the Rally is a solution that fits into any professional environment. RightSense is a functionality that automatically zooms in on the participants and automatically corrects the image orientation if it changes. RightLight is a function for an optimal light balance of the camera. All these functionalities provide a first-class USB camera that gives all participants the best possible picture during the meeting. The Rally is a compact camera and looks sleek, without cables in sight. The camera can be positioned on a table or other surfaces and the lens closes automatically when you’re done.

*Microphone and speakerset available from October 2018

Logitech Group Kit

Logitech and Intel have joined forces to combine the powerful features of Logitech Group, the performance of Intel NUC and the one-click simplicity of Iluminari Quicklaunch SE. Place the speakerphone on the table and optionally expand it which making the set very suitable for large meeting rooms. The camera feautures Full HD streaming and has a viewing angle of 90 degrees and is therefore suitable for every meeting room. Quick Launch ensures that IT staff can decide for themselves which functionality is available to the end user.

Logitech Group

Would you like to use the Group without using the Intel codec and thus connect the Group to your laptop? Transform any room into a video conferencing room with Logitech Group!

Bring Your Own Device

Do you rather take your own cam to the meeting room and do you expect more image quality from that cam then your integrated webcam from your laptop? Take a look at the camera’s from Logitech, such as Logitech ConferenceCam Connect or will do the job for you! Ideal for small and medium meeting rooms.

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Use Logitech products with video systemes of other suppliers.