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Stop searching for free meeting rooms in the office and capture your

meeting room with Meetio Room. Easily reserve your space from your agenda

or by using the touch panel at the meeting room.


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Benefits of Meetio room booking

Using Meetio it’s no longer necessary to search for an available meeting room in your own office. Thanks to this handy plug and play system you can easily see if there is an available meeting room. You can reserve a room at any time if the room is free. This is possible in two ways:

1 | Through a calender system. Meetio supports different calender systems like, Office 365, Exchange and G Suite

2 | Through the tablet self. With two clicks on the tablet you can reserve the room. This is only possible if there is no other reservation.

All the settings can be managed in a central cloud based web app. You don’t need to install anything.

You can choose different ways to show which room is available. You can display this with a map view, grid view or list view and you can also filter the rooms you would like to display.

Besides all those functionalities there is also an app available. The app connects with your calender.

Use our product with video systems of other suppliers.