4 solutions for Microsoft

Teams in meeting rooms

Microsoft is becoming increasingly popular within the collaboration market. After the popularity of Skype for Business had already risen to an unprecedented level, the migration to Microsoft Teams is now fully deployed. We have tried different kits and selected 4 hardware kits that best serve the ease of use of Teams.

We tested various solutions to see if these Microsoft Teams solutions truly lived up to the vendor’s promise. Both native Microsoft Teams Room solutions, but also various Gateways that make it possible to use Teams meetings with existing H323 and SIP equipment. All Kits are available in our demo room for testing and comparison.

Yealink MVC500/MVC800 Kit

The hardware kits that Yealink offers fit perfectly in the meeting room and are designed for Microsoft Teams. MVC500 is perfect for medium meeting rooms up to 12 people. This kit is controlled from a Windows 10 Mini-PC with a 5x zoom camera and a speaker bar with excellent range. The touch panel displays the familiar Teams environment and the home screen shows 3 icons that provides access to wireless presentation (this can be wireless or wired), initiate a call or send an invitation. Participants are easily understood via the wireless microphones. For a larger space (from approx. 12 people) with more participants, the Crestron MVC800, with a 12x zoom camera and microphones with over 6 meter range and 360° voice pickup technology.

What can you expect? 

Sharp and stable camera image with 5x optical zoom

Wireless microphones (up to 4 units) for a flexible range including charging stations/holders

Plug and play present wirelessly by using a dongel

Also wired present with HDMI and mini-DP port

Soundbar for an excellent representation of the sound

Lenovo SmartHub 500 and Polycom Studio

The Lenovo Hub has a nice reflective and stain-resistant screen and shows the most popular functions of Teams in the home screen. Thanks to the 360° rotatability, everyone can take over control which makes the meeting more fluid. The LED ring shows three colors so that the status of the conversation is clearly visible. Together with the Polycom Studio, a powerful USB video bar that contains audio and video technology for decades, you have a great combination for small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

Crestron Flex M150-T Kit

Crestron Flex M150-T kit is a full solution for videoconferencing rooms when using Microsoft Teams. The driving force is the Crestron Mercury; a full-color, HD touch screen, with integrated audio for perfect sound during a Teams meeting. The Huddly Camera is added; the perfect compact camera that can be used without configuration and suitable for any room due to the wide viewing angle. A very nice solution, with the Mercury as eye catcher.

Crestron UC-B140-T Soundbar, touch screen and camera

Crestron UC-B140-T is a intelligent soundbar, touch screen and camera solution for an effortless Teams video conferencing experience. This soundbar has a smooth design and a very good audio performance. The built-in high-end conferencing camera has HD 1080p video image resolution, has an ultra-wide viewing angle of 150 ° and features digital autozoom framing. Powerful stereo speakers bundle the microphone sound and feature advanced technology with an echo-free voice clarity.

Logitech Tap solution

Logitech has launched the Tap to further simplify the use of Microsoft Teams in the meeting room. The 10.1-inch touch screen has a sleek design and is controlled from a Windows 10 Mini PC. Depending on the size of the meeting room one can decide which videoconferencing hardware is the most suitable solution. Choose between the Logitech MeetUp (huddle rooms) and the Logitech Rally (for medium and large spaces), expandable with multiple microphones. Always the same easy operation with Logitech Tap, no matter what solutions are installed in the room you are in.

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