Everything at your fingertips with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is becoming increasingly popular within the collaboration market. After the popularity of Skype for Business had already risen to an unprecedented level, the migration to Microsoft Teams is now fully deployed.

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The Team as a starting point

Working together in a “Team” is the starting point of Teams. This team can be a department or a project group. Within this “Team” documents can be shared (which are stored in Sharepoint), but also text chats can be kept and voice or video meetings can be held.

Access to the Outlook contact list and calendar

Meetings can be scheduled and started from the Outlook calendar. You can invite all members of a “Team” in one go if you like. A contact person can be found in the general address list and you can start a 1 on 1 call (chat, audio or video) ad hoc as we were used to in Skype for Business. During a conversation other participants can be added to the meeting.

Adoption and optimal use in the organization

Microsoft Teams works differently than traditional videoconferencing solution and offers many opportunities for more efficient collaboration. In addition to rolling out the Teams application within the organization, making agreements about using them (to avoid a wild growth in “Teams”) and training to the organization is of great importance.

Teams in the video conferencing room

Also do not forget the meeting room and ensure an optimal layout to provide the best possible service to the users. There are a few choices can be made between the following possibilities:

Native Teams hardware

Solutions where the equipment independently participates in the Teams session with high quality audio and video. It is not necessary to use the laptop of one of the participants to participate.

Teams gateway

When you have traditional videoconferencing systems and want to keep them, it is possible to use a Cloud gateway. Traditional H.323 or SIP videoconferencing system can take part in a Team meeting with the use of this gateway. Qconferencing offers the services of Bluejeans, Polycom and Pexip to accomplish this. Which service suits the organization best depends on the expected use and the current environment.


If your organization don’t want to choose a solution and want to maintain maximum flexibility, you can opt for a BYOD solution. This means that via 1 or 2 cables (USB/HDMI) a personal laptop of a participant is connected to the screen, camera and speakerphone. Participating in the video meeting takes place from their own laptop, but the quality of the audio and video is made opportune for group participation.

The best hardware kits for an optimal Teams experience

Get the most out of Microsoft Teams and equipe your meeting room with qualitative hardware compatible with Teams. Use the a solution of Yealink, Polycom, Logitech, Lenovo or Crestron.

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