How clever do you manage your meeting rooms? Officebooking makes working very easy: book online with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or directly from the touch screen at the meeting room. No double bookings or no shows. Help your employees to work efficiently and facilitate a good reservation system. Schedule meetings quickly from your own calendar such as Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar, the Officebooking app or online from your browser.

Mobile Booking

From your smartphone on your own calendar (e.g., Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar)

Online Booking

Find a location quickly from your PC / laptop from the browser.

Interactive Touch

Ad hoc reservation from a touch screen near the room. Receive a booking confirmation by mail.

Make reservations from your own calendar (eg Outlook or Google Calendar)

Upload video or image for free blocks visible on touch displays

Personalized look and feel: logo and background customize

Book from your own device or from a touch screen on location

Optional; Show occupation and room facilities

Remote management

Secure from signing out

Guest accounts: Allow external users to access

Easily install and configure an account

Supports MS Exchange Server (EWS) and Office365

Qconferencing works closely with Officebooking, a purely Dutch company and brand. The Officebooking app is offered with a 10-inch ProDVX screen, with color changes on the side; Green indicates that the meeting room is free and red means logically occupied. The app’s view is very clear and Qconferencing is keen on the ability to fit the layout into its own corporate style. Furthermore, it is clearly shown which meetings are planned and when the space is free. Booking an ad hoc meeting via the screen is simple and an email address is required. Multiple rooms yet overview? Then choose for the ‘booking list’ so that a collection of all bookings and all spaces can be found on 1 screen. Officebooking goes beyond just room booking. A big asset for the Q portfolio!

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