Pexip is a video conferencing solution that fits every organization and every technology infrastructure

You can use Pexip in the way that suits the organization. The platform gives you the option to move step by step from on-premise to the cloud or to supplement existing infrastructure with extra functionality. The platform is interoperable with many video conferencing solutions and has very good security.

The easiest way to deploy Pexip is to use pexip as a service and simply purchase the number of licenses you need. Your employees have the functionalities they need in a short time. Pexip Cloud is a very secure platform and you can easily dial in with any device and video conferencing system. Share content, call in from an app, browser or video conferencing system and have FullHD image quality and more. Contact us for more information about Pexip.

Pexip account or full platform

Qconferencing offers different accounts. You can choose to purchase an account in our Qconferencing Pexip environment, which is AVG proof and ISO 27001 certified. This service is provided from our own servers in a secure Equinix data center in the Netherlands. The look and feel of this virtual meeting room can be personalized with the desired background and logo.

You can also opt for your own Pexip platform and purchase this service from our own data center or in your own data center or server room. And Pexip can even run in a Microsoft Azure environment. Ask us about the different possibilities!

Complies with GDPR regulations and is provided with an encrypted connection

Pexip Infinity (Pexip as a service) supports the latest standards of the video conferencing industry for communication and data encryption for endpoints. It is possible to secure a meeting with a pin code, but there are also many other options for optimally securing the connection depending on the video conferencing solution and the infrastructure that is used. Contact us for more personalized information about the security measures that Pexip has for the cloud, and the possibilities for an on-premise installation.

Pexip and Microsoft Teams Gateway

Pexip Cloud Video Interoperability for Microsoft Teams is available as a service, or on-premise from its own data center on a public or private cloud. Pexip Gateway natively integrates with the Microsoft Teams workflow. Whether you are planning a meeting from Teams or Outlook, dial-in details for the video conferencing are automatically displayed and the video call can start with a click. Users see no other environment and can participate in a video conference with Teams as they are used to.

Contact one of our account managers for customized advice.