Screen sharing, whiteboarding and collaborate with Pano

Polycom Pano is de newest solutions of Polycom and makes it possible to present wirelessly. Easily connect your pc, tablet or smartphone and then go through the steps that you are presented with.

Polycom Pano is easy to install. Familiar programs such as Apple Airply or Windows Miracast are available on any device with an iOs and Windows (from Windows 8) operating system and that works quite convenient. And it is also an option to use the usual and secure HDMI connection.

What to expect of Polycom Pano?

  Quickly and easily connect from your laptop or

tablet and smartphone by using the Pano App

  4 screens simultaneously in 4K image resolution

  Underline your bulletpoints with the exclusive ‘magic highlighter’*

  Write down your notes on the whiteboard canvas*

  Play video’s in high resolution up to 60fps

  Device management anywhere available in the cloud

*This functionality is only available when using a touch screen or through connecting a mouse with the Pano. Touch screens are are available separately. Wireless presenting was succesfull on the CTOUCH after configuring the resolution via Pano-admin.

Minimal latency and annotate by using the touch screen

When you present wirelessly, the image of the presenter is mirrored on the connected screen (called “mirroring”), as is the case with the Pano. Mirroring entails a slight delay during the presentation. There are of course already many solutions known to Qconferencing, but none of those solutions had the delay as small as the Pano; actually minimal. Both with Apple and with Windows devices we were able to share content within seconds. And in addition to AirPlay and Miracast, a user can also opt for the Pano app. Live annotation on the touch screen works perfectly, even when there are multiple presenters.

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