Create peace in the chaos with hardware from Poly

Poly solutions increase your productivity, wherever you are. Participate in an audio or video meeting as if you were there yourself and ensure you use good audio and video hardware. With good audio you can stop disturbing ambient noise and than the meeting room feels more intimate.

Would you like to increase the efficiency of your teams and allow your colleagues to start a video meeting at any moment without compromising on audio and video quality? Polycom has a very complete portfolio and offers systems to equip any size meeting room with the right solutions.

Poly Studio x30

Poly Studio x30 is an all-in-one video bar for small meeting rooms and specially configured for Zoom Meetings. In no time you can turn the meeting room into a Zoom Room and have high-quality video and audio. The Poly Studio x30 has 4 integrated speakers and a 4k camera with 4x zoom.

All-in-one; the video bar with touch panel and a screen are the only hardware you need

Perfect for small spaces (up to approx. 6 participants)

4k Camera with 4x zoom, automatic framing and speaker tracking

Zoom is already integrated in the Poly Studio x30. You can therefore start Zoom meetings directly from a touch screen, such as the CTOUCH Leddura 2Share essentials. You can also assemble a set of an LED screen and operate it from the 8 inch Poly TC8 touch panel. There is also a system for wireless presentation included, so you don’t have to buy an expensive wireless presentation solution! With the use of Zoom Content Sharing, AirPlay, Miracast and the Polycom Content App you can quickly share content from your device.

Poly Studio x30 can also be used for other video conferencing platforms and operates on the basis of SIP and H.323 interoperability. Microsoft Teams is also expected to be supported in the next months by the Poly Studio x30.

Poly Studio x50

Poly has launched the Studio x50 for larger meeting rooms (up to approx. 10 participants). The 4k camera of this video bar has 5x Zoom and a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees, and brings all participants in view. It has 2 stereo speakers and no less than 7 built-in microphones. And you can connect 2 screens to the Poly Studio x50. In short, a perfect video conferencing set for medium-sized meeting rooms.

Poly G7500

Poly G7500 is a powerful codec and ensures that you can collaborate nicely with your colleagues thanks to razor-sharp Ultra HD 4k video image and good audio quality with technology such as NoiseBlockAI (filters background noise).

Operate the Poly G7500 from a Poly TC8 touch panel. Wireless presentations can be made with any device and participants can annotate and use a digital whiteboard and share this information after the meeting.
Poly codec can be configured as a native Zoom Rooms solution or it can be configured for any desired SIP platform. Ask about the possibilities and interoperability with different cloud platforms.

This codec is also a nice solution as a replacement for older Polycom equipment, since the EagleEye cameras can be re-connected to the Poly G7500.

Polycom Studio 

Designed for small meeting rooms, this powerhouse USB video bar incorporates decades of audio and video technology. Connect the Polycom Studio simply with your laptop by using 1 USB cable. Within a sec you have access to functionalities such as speaker tracking, automatic group framing, acoustic Fence, and noiseblock make meetings feel like true face-to-face experiences.

Polycom RealPresence Trio

This smart hub is made for medium and large meeting rooms. The three-points conference phone transforms any room into a video meeting room with first class voice quality, cristal clear video images and you can easily share presentations and other content during your video call. Available in serveral versions; 8500 and 8800. You can extend the Trio with the Visual+ accessory which ensures that video is supported in addition to audio. Complete the set with a one of the camera’s of the EagleEye serie. Read more product information in de datasheets at the bottom of the page.

HD Voice and Bass reflex for a cristal clear and rich audiosound

Data sharing in HD and real time video images

Connect with your own devices (BYOD)

User friendly interface and start your conversation with one click

Microsoft Teams integration

Local multipoint 5-way endpoints for intern conversations

Polycom RealPresence Group 310/500/700

Your expectations may be high of the Polycom RealPresence Group Systems, equipped with the newest technolgy, it offers high quality and has the most user friendly interface. Polycom RealPresence Group offers FullHD video images and transforms your space into a very well-equipped video meeting room. Read the datasheet underneath the page to read more about Polycom RealPresence Group 500 and Polycom RealPresence Group 700.

Full HD image quality (1080p videoquality)

Control with the touch panel and 'one click join'

Microsoft Teams compatibel (with Visual+ accessory)

Suitable for small meeting rooms and huddle rooms

Complete this solution with a good Polycom camera - EagleEye IV 12x of 4x or EagleEye Acoustic Camera

Poly Camera Assortment

Poly offers different cameras. Poly Cube (pictured top left) is Zoom certified, including smart group frames, 4k sensor and 5x zoom. This camera is suitable for small meeting rooms in combination with the RealPresence Group Series and Poly Trio. Poly EagleEye IV 4x and 12x cameras (top right), compatible with the Group Series, have a digital sensor to display details of the speakers. Moreover, these cameras have a viewing angle of 65 degrees, which can be expanded to 85 degrees with the lens adapter. The MSR Camera is shown at the bottom left. A very good USB PTZ camera for larger meeting rooms. Bottom right is the EagleEye Mini, a usb camera for a meeting with one or two people.

Accessoires – Eagle Eye Director II

The Polycom EagleEye Director Camera with automatic framing allows you to walk freely through space with the camera following you. Facial expressions of the speaker come into picture due to automatic focus technology and reinforces the speaker’s message also in large meeting rooms and auditoria. A second camera displays, besides the speaker’s view, all other participants in an overview of the meeting room. Compatible with EagleEye IV12x Camera.

Accessory – Polycom Eagle Eye Producer Camera

The Polycom Eagle Eye Producer Camera produces framings by using the most recent technologies for face recognition and speaker tracking. The systems constantly scans the space and zooms in on the speakers. Compatible with EagleEye IV. Both accessories support smart data analytics. For example, the system counts in the beginning, midway and at the end the number of participants present in the room. IT professionals can monitor the rooms and they can assess whether the rooms are being used properly.

Localizes automatically active speakers and makes close-ups

Optimal framing of participants with the use of face-finding en voice triangulation technology

Flexibele images and Director II displays both speaker and a group view

Producer displays the speaker and alternates with a preset group view

Compatible with Polycom Realpresence Group Series

Compatible with Lync and Skype for Business

RealConnect Service

Polycom RealConnect Service is a video cloud interoperability service and allows you to connect with video other video cloud platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business.

Visit our office and have a look at out Poly video communication solutions yourself!