Meet Joan, she is nice and smart

Joan is a room booking solutions and unique in its kind. The technology of Joan is based on the e-reader technology which makes the system very energy efficient and can even be used without cabling.

With Joan, a user can set up a room with a handy 6 inch or 13 inch screen, so that every passerby can see the availability of the room. You can also book the room ad-hoc via the screen when it’s free. A future meeting can also be easily planned via its own online agenda, because Joan can be seamlessly integrated with the well-known calendars such as Outlook Calendar from Office/Exchange and the Google Calendar from G-Suite.

Own battery, no power required

Since Joan uses the e-reader technology, this means that the user is confronted with a sleek, simple but modern design. This technology has the great advantage that the Joan unit does not have to be permanently connected to the power because it uses its own battery. A fully charged Joan unit lasts 1 to 3 months, depending on usage. Thanks to this energy-saving feature, Joan uses 99% less energy compared to the competition that uses Android screens.

Choice in design, such as color and your own logo

Joan has an extensive product portfolio that gives the end users sufficient options to make the solution suitable. There is a choice in the design, such as a white or black frame and one can choose to attach Joan using a magnet or a secure wall mount. It is also possible to display your own company logo. Are there multiple rooms and does the organization need an overview? Then choose the handy Joan Board: a large screen that can be placed centrally, on which the availability of all rooms are shown schematically.

Manage it all from 1 place

With the use of a secure web portal you have access to all Joan displays and you can easily adjust the screens. You can switch functionalities on and off per screen, check the battery status and the WiFi signal and add new beta functionalities.

Joan Room Analytics provides you with relevant data

With Joan Analytics you have useful information such as the occupation of the meeting rooms. Discover when spaces are unnecessarily occupied because people do not show up, organize your spaces better based on this use. In this way you can increase the productivity among employees and use investments for the spaces as optimally as possible.

Joan is a very efficient room booking system, which can be put into use relatively easily and will remove a lot of annoyance from the work floor.

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