Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco Webex Teams is a reliable and integral video communication service, suitable for on premise and in cloud. Video conferencing systems from Polycom, Lifesize and Cisco can be easily registered in Cisco Webex Teams.

Come up with new ideas, share them and get the work done together.

Cisco Webex Teams – App centralized platform for

Meetings, Messaging and (Video) Calling

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Cisco Webex Room Series

Cisco Webex Room Kit is a bar with integrated camera, codec, speakers and microphones. Ideal for a medium sized meeting room (approx. 7 people). The advantage of this compact unit is that you simply connect the bar to any existing screen. You can also purchase a screen at Qconferencing, Cisco is particularly compatible with LG screens. The simple installation and relatively low purchase costs make the Cisco Devex Room Kit an attractive product.

4k Screen resolution and share presentations

Suitable for dual screens (present video's and other presentations)

5K Ultra HD Camera, 3x zoom, auto-framing and speaker tracking

Scalable because of low purchase costs and quick installation

Connect via Cisco Collaboration Cloud or after on premise registration

Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus is a wider bar than the Cisco Webex Room Kit, and features a 5x digital zoom camera (3 tele lenses each with a horizontal viewing angle of 50 °) auto-framing and highly focused speaker tracking (6 elements microphone). This system is very suitable for larger meeting rooms thanks to this advanced technology. From a Cisco Touch 10 you can easily operate other equipment such as lighting and window coverings in the meeting room. The touch panel can be fully set to each individual meeting room.

Powerfull 5K ultra HD camera with 5x digitale zoom (and 3 tele lenses with each 50° horizontal viewing angle)

Face and voice recognition

Voice tracking (speaker) and auto-framing

Cristal clear sound (20 kHz)

Touch panel personalization, set to each individual meeting room (such as lighting, window coverings)

Cisco Webex Room 55 has integrated high-quality video and audio technology into a beautiful and sophisticated all-in-one system. The Room 55 has a camera, codec, display, speakerphone and microphone and is optimized for medium-sized meeting rooms. The simplicity of installation and use does not detract from the amazing performance of this unit! Operable from a Cisco Touch 10 or other device that works from the Cisco app.

4k Screen resolution for sharing presentations

Minimal Latency

Powerful digital zoom camera for soundless tracking

Integrated 80W audio amplification

Duals screens optional for video and content

Cisco Webex Room 70 is available in two versions, a unit with one screen (single) Cisco Webex Room 70S or dual screens (70D). The system is very suitable for medium and large meeting rooms. The codec is very powerful and the advanced camera includes speaker-tracking and auto-framing. Like every Spark Unit, the meeting can be operated from the Cisco Touch 10 panel. Other properties;

Powerful 5K ultra HD camera with 5x digital zoom (and 3 tele lenses with each 50° horizontal viewing angle)

60 fps for optimal video image

Voice tracking (speaker) and auto-framing

Touch panel personalization, set to each individual meeting room (such as lighting, window coverings)

Optional: table microphones or ceiling mics

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