Samsung Flip

Yes, I’m interested in Samsung Flip!

Replace the traditional Flipover in the meeting room with the Samsung Flip. The Flip is a very user-friendly digital whiteboard. You can expect the same user experience as the traditional flipchart. The interactive whiteboard can be put into use immediately when you enter the meeting room.

Rotate the screen 90 degreen with a hand movement and position the screen in landscape to present your content or start a video conference. The whiteboard supports multi touch to make notes with your colleagues.

Share content quickly and easily from your own device. This can be done wirelessly, via USB or HDMI. Ready for the meeting? Save your notes (locked) or quickly share them with your colleagues by e-mail, so that everything can be reviewed afterwards.

Key functionalities

Read all product specifications in the brochure.
Share notes with all docs you want and present them optimal

Easily turn the screen in portait or landscape position

Rotatable wall mount optional!

Touch Out Control technology for synchronic real time display and editing on the Flip and your device!

Userfriendly menu for quick access to all functionalities

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Samsung Flip Unboxing

Samsung Flip demonstration