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Optimize your user experience by improving the device in the meeting rooms and invest in professional audio and video equipment! A professional video meeting with customers and colleagues is the presentation of your business.

Equip your meeting rooms with quality video equipment. Every meeting room should be provided with devices fitting the size and purpose of the meeting room. From large conference rooms, small office, boardroom, classroom to auditorium. Technological development of the video conferencing equipment (such as the camera) and the screens makes it much easier to equip a room with video communication tools and less expensive than before. And it makes it possible to equip more rooms with video communication.

Several brands offer different solutions and features. Recent developments have not only lowered the cost of video equipment, they have also led to major improvements in image quality and ease of use.

Not only does Qconferencing supply video conferencing equipment, it also has extensive experience with completely designing the audiovisual aspect of all kind of areas, from personal offices to halls for hundreds of people. Correctly designing such a space has to take into account control of lighting and blinds, wireless presentation, voice-activated cameras etc. We are only too pleased to help you to make the right decisions.


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