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Ensure maximum return on investment through proper installation, but also a good training for users and support staff.

After the selection of a video platform and the device of the conference rooms, called the “design phase”, it is time for the roll, the “build” phase. Qconferencing ensures the full completion of the installation and configuration! Qconferencing’s technical department has a good reputation when it comes to delivering high quality installations. You can expect excellent installations with proper functioning equipment and a clean looking installation. No cables on the floor, no loose ends. Qconferencing provides a satisfactory service.

Qconferencing provides worldwide both the supply and installation for its customers. After installation, it is important that the new solution adopted as well as possible by the organization. The investment should lead to maximum results.

After the first roll out a Customer Relations Manager of Qconferencing makes an adoption plan and provides appropriate instructions and training; admin training for the IT organization and user training for the people who have to work with, online or on location.

In addition, the Customer Relations Manager follows the use of the solution after the initial rollout. Is there efficient use of the solution, or improvement are needed? Are user satisfied? All these questions are answered held on a regular basis and collectively. We are investing in a long term relationship and a satisfied customer.


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