TiC Narrow Casting

TiC narrowcasting is the transmission and display of information to screens aimed at a specific audience at a specific location. This marketing tool puts you in a perfect position to provide customers with up-to-date information. Read more about the simplicity of TiC!

Easy set-up

TiC Narrowcasting has developed some very easy-to-use software, which is similar in appearance and use to Outlook Calendar. You can easily plan, edit and manage content via a familiar schedule screen. Publishing info is quick and simple, so it can be easily updated by colleagues. Content can be set up per screen, sub-group and main group, and supplemented according to different user authorisations.

TIC Manager to limit load on networks

TiC Manager (software licence) and TiC player (hardware) are required to make the system complete. The Manager is used to plan content for the players connected to the screens. Content plays from the storage memory in the players, which considerably limits the load on the network, and even if there is a problem in the network content remains visible.

Key features

On-premise and/or cloud application

Multi-user environment, independent of workplace

TiC Manager runs in a cache structure, with continuous environment backup

Fixed template or custom design using Template creator (in HTLM5)

Local cache in players (prevents continuous streaming between manager and players)

Accessible via web portal, access via Citrix remote application (secure connection)

TiC players can access local content via either a Push or Pull environment

TiC display promotie

TiC display reisinformatie

TiC display wachtrij

TiC display noodroute

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