Vidyo is a cloud solution with a whole range of features. Qconferencing can supply a custom cloud service, so you can provide a service that reflects the needs of your sector. We supply Vidyo cloud services from our own servers, which are maintained with very high security standards.

Customized to meet the needs of your organization

With its Vidyo cloud platform, Qconferencing can arrange a fully customized solution, such as video services which completely reflect the look and feel of the organization. Vidyo can also be integrated with almost any software, so that it becomes part of the workflow.

No equipment or plug-ins required

A video call can be started simply by inviting a participant through an invitation link by email, WhatsApp, SMS or other text message service. After opening the link, the video call starts in the browser (or in the system if Vidyo is integrated with the organization’s system).

Examples of Vidyo integration

Customer portal of lawyer, broker, financial advisor, etc.

Filing claims with insurers.

Electronic patient file (EPD).

Provide technical support to customers via its own workflow registration.

Features of Vidyo

Video calls to customers which reflect the corporate identity.

Extremely fast connection due to low bandwidth.

High resolution of both camera images and content (thanks to smart technology, despite low bandwidth)

Scalable, unlimited calls.

Never miss another meeting, since video calls can be made to the video conference systems.

Arrange a video meeting with us, and find out just how convenient Vidyo is.

FaceTalk, the solution for doctors en patients

FaceTalk is a platform built by Qconferencing based on Vidyo technology. This solution can also be constructed for other industries and organizations and gives an idea of ​​the possibilities for you organization.

Read more about FaceTalk and explore the possibilities of Vidyo.