wePresent supplies wireless presentation solutions, with a whole range of useful features. Wireless presentations become that much more interactive and efficient!

Connection via HDMI and VGA

The wePresent range has three models in its range, and the new Sharepod to add HDMI content in a wePresent environment. wePresent connects each display via HDMI or VGA, and creates an HD wireless projection. If this system is connected to a local network, presentations can also be displayed from network computers.

Ideal for large groups or users

wePresent is a professional wireless presentation system. More than 64 users can work together and give interactive presentations wirelessly from Windows/Mac computers, smartphones or tablets. It means an end to searching for cables, tripping over them, or having to call the IT department. wePresent presentation is a wireless solution that really is easy to use!


  • WiPG-1000

    Features 2 USB ports, one VGA and HDMI output. Present up to four different screens in HD resolution.

  • WiPG-1600

    Supports Chromebook and iOS devices with Apple Airplay, auto resolution, SSL security and AES 128-bit data encryption.

  • WiPG-2000

    All the features combined in one, such as an interactive whiteboard, guest access, touch control, and much more.

Would you like to see all the different wireless solutions in action?

Demonstratie wePresent WiPG