Hardware solutions for Zoom
in the meeting room

Qconferencing offers very user-friendly solutions for the meeting room. With Zoom Rooms you can transform every space into a modern meeting room, ready for a new way of collaboration. The right Zoom Kit will give you quickly access to all functionalities of Zoom.

Poly Studio x30

Poly Studio x30 is an all-in-one video bar for small meeting rooms and specially configured for Zoom Meetings. In no time you can turn the meeting room into a Zoom Room and have high-quality video and audio. The Poly Studio x30 has 4 integrated speakers and a 4k camera with 4x zoom.

All-in-one; the video bar with touch panel and a screen are the only hardware you need

Perfect for small spaces (up to approx. 6 participants)

4k Camera with 4x zoom, automatic framing and speaker tracking

Zoom is already integrated in the Poly Studio x30. You can therefore start Zoom meetings directly from a touch screen, such as the CTOUCH Leddura 2Share essentials. You can also assemble a set of an LED screen and operate it from the 8 inch Poly TC8 touch panel. There is also a system for wireless presentation included, so you don’t have to buy an expensive wireless presentation solution! With the use of Zoom Content Sharing, AirPlay, Miracast and the Polycom Content App you can quickly share content from your device.

Poly Studio x30 can also be used for other video conferencing platforms and operates on the basis of SIP and H.323 interoperability. Microsoft Teams is also expected to be supported in the next months by the Poly Studio x30.

Poly has launched the Studio x50 for larger meeting rooms (up to approx. 10 participants). The 4k camera of this video bar has 5x Zoom and a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees, and brings all participants in view. It has 2 stereo speakers and no less than 7 built-in microphones. And you can connect 2 screens to the Poly Studio x50. In short, a perfect video conferencing set for medium-sized meeting rooms.

Yealink CP960 UVC50 and UVC80

Yealink has two nice hardware kits for Zoom. UVC 50 (see image) is a tripod with mini PC, control panel, camera (5x optical zoom and PTZ), 3 built-in microphones with a range of 6 meters and optionally 2 wireless microphones can be added. UVC 50 is suitable for small and medium-sized rooms and for larger rooms, the UVC80 is a suitable solution, because of the stronger camera (12 times zoom) and microphones supplied as standard. Curious about these solutions? Schedule a visit to our demo room near Amsterdam.

Logitech Rally Kit with Logitech Tap

Logitech Rally is the absolute solution if you are looking for a PTZ USB camera with more quality. The camera shows ultra HD image quality, has a viewing angle of 90 degrees and an optical zoom of 15x. In short, a solution that fits into any professional environment. RightSense is a functionality that automatically zooms in on participants and automatically corrects image orientation if it changes. RightLight is a function for an optimal light balance of the camera. All these functionalities ensure a first-class USB camera that captures all participants as well as possible during the meeting. The speaker bar completes the set together with the Logitech Tap which provides easy operation with the Zoom layout.

iPad with Heckler standard and Polycom Studio Kit

This set-up is operated with an iPad, combined with the Polycom Studio and is controlled by a mini PC that is placed behind the screen. The Polycom Studio is a powerful USB video bar, specially designed for small meeting rooms and contains decades of audio and video technology. The Polycom Studio is an all-in-one device with 2 speakers, a microphone and a camera. An extra plus is that it can be attached to the screen, but can also be placed on a base for an ideal camera height. The iPad has a nice sturdy standard from Heckler and functions as a touch panel. The operation is ‘dummy proof’ and as you are used to zoom. It is easy to start a meeting, view the internal address book, view the scheduled meetings in the agenda, present wirelessly or start an audio conversation.

D7 all-in-one solution from DTEN

D7 is the all-in-one Zoom Rooms solution from DTEN with an interactive whiteboard. The home screen shows the familiar icons of Zoom so that starting a video meeting, planning meetings, wireless presentation, address book, audio calls and the whiteboard functionality are directly accessible. The touchscreen is operated with a touch on the screen or with the stylus pen, which is always within reach with the stylish wooden holder under the screen. D7 can be mounted on the wall, but with the Heckler Mobile Stand (for 55 inch screen) you can roll the D7 to any desired space with ease.

4K Camera has a viewing angle of 86 degrees

Integrated 2-channel speakers with good audio quality

16-element microphone for optimum recording of voice sound

Filtering of background noise and echo sound in Zoom Rooms meetings

Screen of only 1.3 cm thick and weighing 22 kg

Stylish wooden holder for stylus pen

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