Zoom Kit with Polycom Trio

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Heckler Design Zoom Room Console

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Crestron Zoom Room Kit

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3 solutions for Zoom
in the meeting room

Qconferencing offers very user-friendly solutions for the meeting room. With Zoom Rooms you can transform every space into a modern meeting room, ready for a new way of collaboration. The right Zoom Kit will give you quickly access to all functionalities of Zoom

Polycom Trio 8800 Zoom Kit

Get the most out of Zoom Rooms and equipe your meeting room with qualitative hardware compatible with Zoom. Use the Polycom Trio 8800 (microphone range of 6 meter) in combination with a Dell Optiplex PC and Polycom EagleEye MSR camera (12x zoom). This solution shows the familiar Zoom environment and ensures a consistent video experience and an intuitive way of controlling.

What can you expect?

Present wirelessly with ease

One-touch-join with booked meetings

Control your camera by using the touch panel

Rich audiosound with a volume sound up to 92 db

Camera also ideal for larger spaces because of the 12x zoom

Crestron Zoom Rooms Kit

A Crestron Zoom solution supports all functionality and offers great user-friendliness with the secure and stable enterprise integration capabilities from Crestron. The Crestron Mercury features a 7-inch touch panel and gives the user access to the Zoom functionalities and a 360° microphone so that every participant is clearly audible with a clear and warm sound. The Huddly IQ camera shows a good video image and visualizes every room perfect with a viewing angle of 120°. The Crestron Zoom Rooms Kit features an Intel NUC Mini PC, which runs the Zoom Rooms software.

What can you expact?

360° microphone, speaker and control panel in 1

HD USB camera

Dual video output to display 2 video rooms

Limes Audio TrueVoice AEC technology removing noise, distortion, and echoes

High sound quality guaranteed even with less stable internet connection

Self-evident operation and clear light indicator for microphone mute

Add-on mic pods for extra coverage available

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