BlueJeans Dolby Conference Phone and

the Dolby Voice technology together

the best combination

BlueJeans hardware solutions (BlueJeans Rooms) with Dolby Voice deliver an unparalleled audio experience no matter where you are. The operation of the device is self-evident and allows teams to work more efficiently so that meetings can start on time. Including functionalities such as face recognition, a large audio range, dolby voice technology and very simple operation.

BlueJeans Room contains the famous technology and design of Dolby and produces a natural, balanced sound. The set is affordable and offers flexibility thanks to the compact design with integrated microphone, speakers and control panel. The simple installation and good management software makes this solution very suitable for upscaling, so that employees can start a video conferencing without
being hindered and they become familiar with the Dolby Conference Phone.

Dolby Voice with ‘spatial audio’ technology

BlueJeans hardware solutions (BlueJeans Rooms) with Dolby Voice delivers an unparalleled audio experience no matter where you are. The service is self-evident and allows teams to work more efficiently so that meetings can start on time. Dolby Voice technology provides a warm and natural voice without distracting background noise. For example, the Noise Blocker function ensures that background noises are not heard whether you are conducting a video call from your workplace, a lunchroom, the train or the park. BlueJeans has even tested this functionality under a shower! The Noise Blocker filters the entire shower sound, so that the speaker can still be understood clearly. And speakers also remain audible when they walk through the meeting room and are far from the microphone.

What does the BlueJeans Room Kit deliver?

The kit contains a Dolby Voice Hub on which the video conferencing application runs, the Dolby Conference Phone with a User Interface and integrated microphone and speaker, and Dolby Voice camera with 4K image resolution and a field of view of 100 degrees.

You start a video call by pressing ‘join’ on the control panel and entering the meeting ID and clicking on ‘join’. You can also switch the video image on and off, switch off the microphone, adjust the PIP window (picture in picture) to hide your own video image and other functionalities. You can view a list of participants and change the layout of the screen. You can also present wired and wireless during a call and present wired if you are not in a video call. This solution also features face recognition of all participants in the room, so that the camera creates an optimal frame to display all participants.

Whiteboard detection to optimally annotation during a call

The Dolby Conference Phone detects whiteboards and cleans the image, so that the whiteboard is optimally displayed and external participants can see the whiteboard. The camera view can be set and during a video meeting the image can be switched to a “whiteboard only” view.

Compile a set with a different camera for larger meeting rooms

The BlueJeans Room kit camera is suitable for smaller (huddle) meeting rooms. Create a set-up that is suitable for larger meeting rooms by selecting the right camera. A NUC must be connected to connect any desired USB cameras, such as the USB PTZ Logitech Rally or Huddly GO, with a viewing angle of no less than 150 degrees.

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