Crestron designs technology that controls technology. Crestron supplies automation and control systems for video conferencing rooms, among others, allowing systems to be controlled with a touch of a button. Systems include audiovisual, lighting, shading and dimming equipment. These products are designed to be used and monitored together as a complete system.

Room booking system

The Crestron management system also offers a meeting room booking option which makes booking a room very simple. Bookings can also be shown and managed on a screen outside the room, so you can immediately see who has booked a room, or make a booking yourself.

Touch screens for ease of use

Crestron systems are easy to operate with the beautifully designed Crestron touchscreen. The touchscreens are provided with a glass seal over their entire widths, feature advanced graphics, and are available in sizes up to 24 inches. The displays can be set as desired to control video, audio and lighting systems, etc. The extensive range includes folding screens, and screens integrated in the wall or table.

Programmable as desired

Crestron touch panel controls can be fully programmed in accordance with customer requirements. Crestron controllers control everything from video conferencing equipment, screens, projectors, switches and audio equipment, to lighting and curtains. A Crestron solution makes your conference room completely idiot-proof and controllable from a simple touch screen.

Wireless presentations

Qconferencing has now included the Crestron Airmediain its range. With the AirMedia, a presentation can use the Wi-Fi network to wirelessly stream data to the video conferencing equipment, or directly to the screen or the projector, eliminating hassle with cables or connectors. It is also possible for more than one person to show their presentation via a quadrant feature.

Inquire about the possibilities for your organisation.

Skype for Business room system

Besides its touchscreen control with underlying controllers and switches, Crestron also offers a great solution for Skype for Business (also known as Microsoft Lync). This is a fully-integrated conferencing solution for MS Lync users. You can now equip meeting rooms in a professional manner for conferences based on MS Lync.


The datasheets below show just a small selection of Crestron’s range of touch panels and remote controls. A complete overview of all products and accompanying data sheets can be found on the Crestron website. Alternatively, contact Qconferencing for more information about Crestron products.

Crestron app ios & android

Data Sheet

Crestron iPanel iPad Air table dock

Data Sheet

Crestron iPanel iPad air wall dock

Data Sheet

Crestron wall moint wireless touch screen panel 5.7

Data Sheet

Crestron wireles touch screen panel 8.7

Data Sheet

Crestron afstandsbediening screen remote

Data Sheet

Crestron pinpoint detectie

Data Sheet