Q-room platform for video meetings hosted in the EU in a secure data center

Q-Room is a private cloud solution, hosted in a data centre that meets all European and Dutch ​​data protection guidelines. Qconferencing provides high quality video conferencing infrastructure that allows connected organizations to securely set up online video conferencing calls. You can also invite healthcare professionals to a video meeting and facilitate a MDO per video, if you are logged in with a personal (moderator)account.

Q-Rooms are a brilliant solution for organisations which hold many external video conferences, and where the security of the video link is an important factor. More than 65 hospitals already use Q-Rooms, and the service is also popular in the banking sector.

From any workplace

You can use online Q-Rooms with any device from anywhere within your organisation. For example, an external customer or colleague working from home can join a video conference.

The comprehensive Q-Room Advanced package is also suitable for dialling in with Skype for Business accounts. Video calling is simple and flexible, and can be incorporated into your daily work routine.

Additional features

In addition to the use of Q-Rooms, the Qconferencing private cloud has a range of other features. Video sessions can be recorded, stored and streamed (live or on-demand), while the Firewall traversal and H.323 gatekeeper registration services route video traffic securely through the firewall.

The Desktop videoconferencing clients feature allows participation in secure video sessions with a PC or laptop (Mac or Windows), or tablets (iPad or Android), including the sharing of presentation images.

Security guaranteed and ISO certified

Q-rooms, FaceTalk and Vidyo are video conferencing services supplied by Qconferencing from our own servers. These services are ISO 27001 certified and meet the requirements set by the AVG, the Dutch implementation of the European GDPR data and privacy legislation that that is valid from 25 May 2018.

Our skilled employees pay attention to the privacy of our customers.

  • Q-Room functionalities

    • 1080p Full HD resolution (including the presentation channel)
    • compatible with Skype for Business / Lync
    • 256-bit AES encryption
    • protocols H.323, SIP, SFB, Lync & WebRTC
    • pin security
    • maximum of 6 participants in a room. Expanding the number of participants is possible *
    • call via 0800 GDS number, IP address or name (e.g. organisatie.qconferencing.eu)

* Allocate each meeting, each room or each person their own virtual room, pay per number of simultaneous participants

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