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Qconferencing has almost 20 years of experience in video communications. In recent years, there have been many technological advances, and we enjoy exploiting them. These new possibilities require up-to-date knowledge and experience, and our technical specialists are pleased to help out when necessary. You can also receive training after installing equipment if necessary. Read more about our services and support.

Complete package for video communication

When it comes to video conferencing, every organization has its own needs and requirements. A hospital, for example, may need its doctors to communicate with patients via video, while a large corporation may want to allow its managers to attend board meetings from home.

Qconferencing supplies every type of video communication system. We work according to 5 steps, to make sure every customer gets an appropriate product.

Certified employees

Qconferencing has almost 20 years of experience in video communications. Our installers are experts in their area, and can create a professional audio visual solution for any room which will surpass expectations. Cables are neatly hidden, and installations are carried out as previously agreed and planned.

 Services of Qconferencing in 5 steps:

Get advice during a consultation with a Q-Consult.

Our specialists are aware of the latest developments, and have extensive experience with complex video communication networks. During a consultation, all your needs and questions are addressed, and you will receive advice tailored to your specific needs. This conversation can take place at your location, at our office or by video.

  In what way is video calling useful for our organization?

  How can I join meetings from home?

  How do I set up a video call with customers?

  How should I set-up my meeting rooms?

  What equipment or software can I reuse?

  How do I ensure that colleagues also start video calling?

Video services thanks to our Q-Connect options.

A video service platform is essential if more than two participants are taking part in a video conference at the same time, regardless of the type of device (such as iPad or laptop). These are servers where each participant connect to and which gain access to that functionality. These servers can be purchased and self managed, but you can also outsource this to Qconferencing or use shared infrastructure from the cloud. Solutions such as BlueJeans and Lifesize Cloud. Which solution is right for the organization depends on the desired functionality and existing video conferencing systems you have.

Efficiently use your capacity with cloud services. On-premise solutions are unnecessary. You pay a fixed amount per month, quarter or year and gain access to all services. This prevents large investments while allowing access to the latest functionality and quality (from Capex to Opex). Encryption and firewalls ensure the necessary security which is a major issue in any cloud solution.

  Manage it or outsource the video connection yourself?

  What functionality do I need?

  How do I want to work?

Flexible installation and training, with assistance from our Q-Deployment specialists.

Ensure maximum return on investment through proper installation, but also a good training for users and support staff.

Qconferencing ensures the full completion of the installation and configuration! Qconferencing’s technical department has a good reputation when it comes to delivering high quality installations. You can expect excellent installations with proper functioning equipment and a clean looking installation. No cables on the floor, no loose ends. Qconferencing provides a satisfactory service.

A Customer Relations Manager follows the use of the solution after the initial rollout. Is there efficient use of the solution, or improvement are needed? Are user satisfied? All these questions are answered held on a regular basis and collectively. We are investing in a long term relationship and a satisfied customer.

Video communication equipment, appropriate for every meeting room!

Equip your meeting rooms with quality video equipment. Every meeting room should be provided with devices fitting the size and purpose of the meeting room. From large conference rooms, small office, boardroom, classroom to auditorium. Technological development of the video conferencing equipment (such as the camera) and the screens makes it much easier to equip a room with video communication tools and less expensive than before. And it makes it possible to equip more rooms with video communication.

Qconferencing not only provides video conferencing equipment, it also has extensive experience with completely designing the audiovisual aspect of all kind of areas, from personal offices to halls for hundreds of people. Correctly designing such a space has to take into account control of lighting and blinds, wireless presentation, voice-activated cameras etc. We are only too pleased to help you to make the right decisions.

Expect the best support and aftercare for all your questions, with Q-Care.

Our work does not end with the delivery of a project. Our experienced service-orientated helpdesk is there to help customers solve any issues. To ensure that equipment has a long life, it is important to carry out maintenance and continually upgrade software to the latest versions. If something does fail to work as expected, Qconferencing’s helpdesk will always be available.

Service is of paramount importance to us, and our quick and correct handling of questions and support requests is one of the reasons that we have so many faithful customers who have been using our services with such satisfaction for so many years. Depending on the preferred support contract, Qconferencing can deal with every aspect of equipment failure, and the service department will arrive on site as quickly as possible to install substitute equipment. As a result, Qconferencing takes the load off your IT department’s shoulders, and makes sure your video equipment is available for use as much as possible.

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Support and warranty arrangement of suppliers

You can expect support from both Qconferencing and our suppliers. We have long working relationships with our suppliers, so we speak from experience when we say that support and aftercare from these suppliers is very well organized.

Depending on the product purchased, there are various support and warranty options. Please feel free to ask us for more information at any time.

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