Video services | Q-Connect

Video services | Q-Connect

Would you like to manage the video link personally, or do you want to outsource it? What features do I need? How will I work? These questions are essential in order to bring the right video service in.

A video service platform is essential if more than two participants are going to take part in a video conference at the same time using any devices (such as iPad or laptop). These are servers where each participant connect to and that thus gain access to that functionality. These servers can be purchased and self controlled, but you can also outsource this to Qconferencing or use shared infrastructure from the cloud. Solutions such as BlueJeans and Lifesize Cloud.

Which solution is right for the organization depends on the desired functionality and existing video conferencing systems you have.

Efficiently use your capacity with cloud services. On-premise solutions are unnecessary. You pay a fixed amount per month, quarter or year and gain access to all services. This prevents large investments while allowing access to the latest functionality and quality (from Capex to Opex). Encryption and firewalls ensure the necessary security which is a major issue in any cloud solution.